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Magnetic Field Application and its Potential in Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems

This review is intended to critically convey information on water magnetization and to discuss each application that employs magnetic field as an aid in wastewater treatment. The magnetically assisted wastewater treatments are presented and compared in terms of performances with those of conventional treatment systems. The advantages and limitations of magnetic field application are discussed in order to evaluate their environmental benefits. The main conclusion from the literature review is that magnetic field application has the potential to improve the physical performance in terms of solid-liquid separation mainly through aggregation of colloidal particles. The application is also significant in influencing the biological properties through the improvement of bacterial activity. Both of these enhancements lead towards increase in efficiency of the water and wastewater treatment performances.

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Magnetic Field Application and its
Potential in Water and Wastewater
Treatment Systems
Nur Syamimi Zaidi a , Johan Sohaili a , Khalida Muda a & Mika
Sillanpää b
a Department of Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Civil
Engineering , Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) , Johor , Malaysia
b Laboratory of Green Chemistry , Lappeenranta University of
Technology , Mikkeli , Finland
Accepted author version posted online: 22 May 2013.Published
online: 14 Aug 2013.

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