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Delta Water started with a vision that water means life.

Our products were designed to be environment friendly and high quality magnetic water treatment devices. They have been invented to deal with hard water chemistry and high salinity water located in countries devoid fresh water.
Whether we are serving residential or commercial, every customer we serve we try to make it better than it was and we love to see them smiling.

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Why Choose Delta Water


No Electricity Is Required The Device Does Not Contribute To Any Air, Water, And Land Pollution Regain Water Its Vitality And Freshness

No Operational Cost

No Maintenance, No Service Required No Spare Parts Required No Consumables Required

Regain Water Its Vitality

Return Water To Its Energetic Qualities Provide Fresh, Soft And Healthy Water

What We Can Do

Delta Water Application

Maximize your water potential with soft, energized, life-giving water treatment. Reduce water consumption, energy use, chemicals, environmental impact and maintenance using less water, energy and time. Get going with clean, easy and sustainable solutions leveraging the power of physics.


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Getting Started

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Getting Started

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What is Delta water® System?

Water with high, stable and biologically valuable quality
What is Deltawater® system?
Water possesses an immune system. The basic idea behind the method is to strengthen the self-cleansing effect and resistance of water by improving its structure. This creates a natural and stable immune system.

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The Best Anti Scale Solutions

Magnetic Water Treatment is highly capable of preventing the formation of calcareous residues, which protects water pipes, water tanks and home appliances against blockage, and increase product life.

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What People Say

Magnetically treated water facilitates the penetration of water to the cells despite themselves.
Prof. Dr. Salah Youssef
Egyptian Former minister of Agriculture
The magnetic water treatment contributes in reducing the usage of fertilizers by 50%.
Prof. Dr. Mohammed Emam Ragab
Ain Shams University · Department of Horticulture
Most of the international scientific studies and researches have agreed and confirmed for more than 100 years and up till now, that the exposure of plants to a magnetic field with appropriate intensity improves the growth and increases the yield.
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Nofal
Land, Water and Environment Research Institute
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