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Delta Water Co. for Magnetic Water Treatment is an Egyptian Company specializing in the design, development and manufacture of water treatment devices using magnetic technology with Japanese technology and materials to eliminate the problems of salinity of water wells and soil, and treat the lack of water quality in general… Delta Water Company is the only company for magnetic water treatment in the Middle East that hasthe ISO 9001: 2008 certificate from the German Accreditation Organization (DAKKS).

In order to achieve the objectives of the company, Delta Water manufactured devices with advanced magnetic technology and high accuracy measurements for magnetically water treatment by the help of experts in magnetic technology, agriculture, water and land sciences, plant diseases, chemistry and physics to solve the problems faced by Egyptian and Arab farmers and one most important of which is the deterioration of their agriculture, poor productivity and poor production quality.

Delta Water company hasspread in Egypt and most Arab countries and has achieved great success in solving the problems facing farmers. This success is due to the fact that Delta Water device is the only one that designed to match the quality and characteristics of water, soil, weather and nature in Egypt and the Arab countries. This device depends in its manufacture on the latestscientific knowledge in magnetic technology to improve the quality and specifications of water, and to solve the problems of salinity in the irrigation water and soil.

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Water with high, stable and biologically valuable quality
What is Deltawater® water?
Water possesses an immune system. The basic idea behind the method is to strengthen the self-cleansing effect and resistance of water by improving its structure. This creates a natural and stable immune system.

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