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Delta water are an advanced magnetic water treatment technology, by which ordinary, salty and low-quality water can regain its vitality and energy.

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Delta water devices are an advanced magnetic water treatment technology, by which ordinary, salty and low-quality water can regain its vitality and energy by passing through Delta water devices, where it increases water productivity, absorption efficiency and dissolved oxygen ratio as well as decreasing harmful bacterial content. More benefits were proven by scientific researches and successful experiments of our customers worldwide. where general benefits of Delta Water Devices can be summarized as:

  • More fluffy and rising doughs.
  • Enhanced baked goods look; more crispy crust and uniform pore pattern.
  • Minimize raw materials use (such as yeast).
  • Easier dissolving for sugar and salt.
  • Save Electricity and energy costs.
  • Save Machines from lime deposits and rust formation.
  • Save Heating and air-conditioning systems.
  • Save Heating and cooling costs.

Device Benefits

  • Devices are eco-friendly.
  • Simple to be installed.
  • Easily fit to any irrigation system.
  • No energy requirements.
  • Durable and Long Lasting.
  • Continuous natural magnetic field.
  • No maintenance needed.
  • No spare parts needed.
  • No chemicals required.
  • No electricity needed.
  • Zero Maintenance Cost.
  • Stainless steel from inside and outside.
  • Don’t rust.
  • Absence of side effect.
  • Reduced expenses and increased profit.
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What our customers say

professor Tingyue Gu
The application of Magnetic Fields could be an environmentally friendly method for mitigating microbiologically influenced corrosion of 304 Stainless Steel.
Professor Tingyue Gu
Ohio University
Magnetic treatment devices that are physically designed to create additional turbulence by constricting or otherwise altering fluid flow may further enhance the anti-scaling effect by purely mechanical means.
Professor Kenneth W. Busch
Baylor University, Waco, USA
Magnetic field inhibited the growth of iron-oxidizing bacteria (IOB) and the corrosion of Q235 carbon steel.
Associate professor Hongwei Liu
Sun Yat-Sen University
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